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Token registration has commenced

What is a MyShield Token?

A MyShield token is a digital currency that will be used on the MyShield platform. There are 1 billion MyShield tokens available and there will be no inflations or additional creations of MyShield tokens.

What is the MyShield Token Model?

The MyShield Token Model is composed of various parts, all merging together to bring a powerful and disruptive tool against online scams.

The token can be used in several ways:


Users interested to report scams and be rewarded from the bounty will be required to deposit tokens. If they are found right, the tokens will be returned in addition to their share of the bounty.


Intended to incentivize user to report scam, bounties will be created by MyShield, by companies and by users.

Premium Subscription

a basic level of guarantee and ability to gain bounties when correctly discovering online scams.

Guarantee programs

On top of the basic guarantee provided in a Premium subscription, users can purchase guarantee programs for transactions.

* MyShield Trust Seal and MyShield Trusted Wallet Seal : Companies can purchase this with MyShield tokens, 50% of tokens are paid to the validation officers of the seal.

* MyShield will be issuing a finite amount of 1 billion MyShield tokens. There will be no inflations or additional issuances of MyShield tokens.

The tokens will be
distributed as follows:

No. of tokens %
Token offered for the public 400,000,000 40%
Fund for future operations 300,000,000 30%
Founders, team and shareholders 200,000,000 20%
Guarantee fund 50,000,000 5%
Reporting bounty 45,000,000 4.5%
Campaign bounty 5,000,000 0.5%
Total 1,000,000,000 100%

MyShield use of raised funds

Subject % from net funds raised
User acquisition and marketing promotions 30%
R&D 30%
G&A 25%
Sales 15%