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MyShield Ecosystem

It is no secret that online users are prone to many threats, particularly when it comes to crypto-transactions. MyShield creates an alliance between all its ecosystem participants, in a mission to fight online scams.

The ecosystem is based on a decentralized vote of trust, a consensus of trust, a technology based analysis of trust and a guarantee based on them. These are the pillars of the value that MyShield brings to the community – confidence in online transactions.

The Problem

Driven by growth of e-commerce, as well as the sophistication of hackers, sales of counterfeit and pirated goods are estimated to reach up to $2.81 trillion in 2022 annually. In the cryptocurrency industry scams pose an even greater challenge.

According to an Ernst & Young research from January 2018: 10 percent of funds raised in ICOs has been stolen. Hackers steal up to US$1.5 million in ICO proceeds per month. The magnitude of this problem poses a risk on the growth of the entire cryptocurrency industry.

The Solution

The MyShield decentralized anti-scam platform, will enable users to perform their day to day online transactions in full confidence.

MyShield will provide a solution to users that will alert them of online scams. The decentralized platform will be based on two sources of data stored on the blockchain – reports on potential scams made by users, and AI powered cyber intelligence providers.

The MyShield platform includes:

  • MyShield application
  • MyShield blockchain
  • AI powered Cyber Intelligence Providers
  • Enforcement services Providers
  • Guarantee providers
  • MyShield bounties
  • MyShield Trust Stamp

MyShield Ecosystem of Confidence

AI powered cyber
Company User Guarantee Community

MyShield Ecosystem of Confidence